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We are a strong team

Our Team

isel-automation GmbH & Co. KG is an independent research and development company with over 45 years of professional experience and an independent investor. We have experienced and very highly motivated employees, technicians and engineers researching and developing in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software. On the one hand, we rely on young students and graduates, but also on our experienced colleagues. This enables us to solve pending development tasks with the latest methods and techniques, but at the same time to build on the experience from developments that have already been made. In addition, we have access to a large network of partner companies, which enables us to quickly implement prototypes and samples. In order to keep up with the rapid advances in technology, we maintain very direct relationships with the colleges, universities and research institutes in our area.
The isel-automation GmbH & Co. KG is a research and development company based in Thuringia and Berlin and has been on the market since 2022. Under the slogan “from components to systems” innovative & developed efficient products ready for series production. These innovations are offered to customers, partners and especially start-ups for takeover.

Our Mission

Our motivation is unique and competitive products and developments worldwide. Sustainability is our contribution to environmental protection. The company’s own guiding culture is also reflected in our name: (I)nnovative, (S)ocial, (E)fficient and (L)iberal. With these basic ideas, we create the best working conditions for our partners and employees in order to jointly advance technological progress.