The low power, battery buffered magnetic encoder ie-ms1020 is an incremental, single-track, length measuring system. It is suitable for magnetic tapes or pole rings with a width of 10 mm and a pole
length of 2 mm.

The sensor is used on linear and radial scales. In addition it provides the signals BISS-C, analogue SINUS/COSINUS 1 Vss and has a periphery ready interface.

Resulutionunti 0.122 µm, 14bit
Power5V DC ±5%, polarity protected
Ramp-up time< 400ms
Current consumption< 150 mA
Output signals• SINUS/COSINUS differential 1VSS
• BISS-C protocoll, Nutzdaten data up to 38 Bit, RS422
• LOW_BAT – open Collector, UCE < 35 V, IC< 10 mA
Input signals• BISS C – RS422
• RESET – Input ➞ +0 V = RESET
Connection cableshielded, twisted pair, 14-pin
Pole dimensions2mm/ 10mm
Magnetic fieldfield strength 43 mT ±5 % at pole wide of 2 mm
Magnetic scale accuracy± 40 μm/m
Dimensions (L x B x H)58 x 19.5 x 13.5 mm
Part No.390255 63050
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