The magnetic displacement sensor iMS1020 is an incremental length measuring system for magnetic tapes/ pole rings (radial) with a width of 10mm and a pole length of 2mm (North + South pole = 4mm). The sensor can be used on both linear and radial magnetic scales and is used to detect distances. It provides the incremental output signals A, /A, B, /B and optionally I, /I (index) as RS422 interface. The minimum diameter of the pole ring used should not be less than 40mm. Due to the selected functionality of the iMS1020 sensor, single-track standard magnetic scales with a width of 10mm can be used as measurement standards. These magnetic scales (magnetic tapes) are state of the art and available from various manufacturers. Features of the sensor:

  • Non-contact, single-track magnetic measuring system
  • can be used on linear axes as well as rotary axes (pole wheels)
  • cost-effective standard magnetic tape with a pole length of 2mm, optionally also 1mm, can be used
  • RS422 – Incremental output A, /A, B, /B and optional Z, /T (index)
  • sturdy housing, small size, low weight
  • robust measuring principle
  • Large total measuring length
  • high resolution, adjustable ex works
  • Speeds up to 20m/s
  • Supply voltage 5V DC

Dimensions of the sensor:

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